How much does it cost?
It does not cost to enter the competition as a performer. There is a cover charge at the door for audience.

How old do you have to be?
You have to be at least 17.

If you're under 18, please note that most RAW Comedy heats and finals are held in licensed venues, and you will need to have your legal guardian with you, the whole time, every time.

This is a liquor licensing law issue, and the rules can't be bent. Your chaperone must also be your guardian; neither your sister, uncle, grandparent nor anyone else will do.

If you are under 17, you may be eligible to perform as part of Class Clowns, our national secondary school comedy competition. Visit classclowns.com.au for more information.

Does it have to be stand up? Can it be a sketch or a group?
Sure, go for it. It can be anything you want.

What if my spot is longer than 5 minutes? Will you cut me off right away?
Probably not, but if you go over 5 mins, you're really unlikely to win. Our advice is, take the time limit seriously and do not go over it.

What about props, costumes, sets and other technical issues with my act?
There will be a basic stage with 2 mics and a CD setup at the venue, for sound cues and so forth. You can use whatever costumes, props or sets you can carry on yourself, and set up in a few seconds – you will have to do this literally as you walk onstage to perform.

If you have special requirements (eg. music, projection, video) you
should contact your local presenter well in advance to let them know.